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We do quality repairs and maintenance on parking lots.
Crack Sealing

When water gets in cracks, it begins to cause the base underneath the asphalt to fail. This in turn is the general cause of cracking in the asphalt. As the cracking becomes more prolific that is when potholes begin to occur. Water will accelerate cracks.


Oftentimes concrete sidewalks patios, curbing, parking lots, will break from weather, abuse, or bad drivers. We can remove the broken concrete and replace it. If you need to simply add new concrete to an area such as create a patio we can dig that out, form it, and pour it.


Asphalt repair includes: Fixing potholes, skin patching, removing and replacing asphalt. For replacement, asphalt is cut then removed and thoroughly cleaned. Tac oil is applied, new asphalt poured, then compressed. Usually ok to drive on in 2 hours.

Line Striping

Lay out new striping by measuring, marking, snap lining, and painting the new stripes or re-striping. Various stenciling examples include: No Parking, Fire Lane, Arrows, Custom Lettering, Motorcycle Parking, Handicap Stenciling. Dries in 30 minutes on a hot day, but varies completely with the temperature.

Seal Coat

We will scrub and clean the entire surface of asphalt prior to applying two coats of seal coat material to the asphalt. The first coat is applied with the squeegee and the second is sprayed on. After the seal coat is finished it typically requires 2-4 hours to dry.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Oftentimes parking lots have various needed repairs or maintenance. Such additions include: Adding bollards or removing a damaged bollard then replacing it with a new one, pressure washing sidewalks or parking lots, constructing new or fixing new fencing, removing graffiti from various surfaces, building trash dumpster pads and cinderblock walls, installing parking bumpers, etc.

  • Crack Sealing
  • Bollards
  • Missing fence
  • Pressure washing
  • Painting
  • Parking bumpers
  • Dumpster pads
  • Misc lot maintenance

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The most important aspect of our business is to provide each customer with the best quality work that can be provided. Our clients consist of commercial. industrial, retail, business, and residential HOAs. We strive to give accurate estimates of the work needed to be done. We will not provide a low bid and then find additional work that must be done then increase the price later. We travel the entire state of utah for our work. We work throughout the entire state of Utah.

We have served a wide range of clients including pavement contractors, commercial and private property management firms, restaurant chains, schools and private business owners. Whether you need a parking lot designed and laid out or simply to re-stripe a faded one, call us. We use top quality materials for all of our work whether you know exactly what you want or need advice on what is the best plan to improve your property.

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